MFL and C-MFL technology

MFL and C-MFL true XHR resolution tools are used in gas and liquid pipelines to assess pipe wall thickness and metal loss. Pipesurvey magnetic inspection tools use the highest attainable resolution of tri-axial sensors to accurately determine the dimensions of the metal loss. The tools offer a gapless sensor arrangement for a complete wall coverage. The sensor design offers flexibility to scan the weld and heat affected zone as accurate as possible. The tools are low-friction wheel-supported devices, flexible, bidirectional and tailored for the challenges of piggable and unpiggable pipelines. All tools pass through 25% diameter reduction and 1.5D radius bends. Pipesurvey International MFL tools have been successfully applied in transmission lines, tank farm lines, risers and flow lines.

Regular or Axial MFL technology deploys an axially oriented magnetic field and is most often used to detect all sorts of pipeline anomalies such as general corrosion, pitting, pinholes, circumferential slotting and grooving as well as axial slotting and grooving. However, when the focus is on axially oriented defects, the C-MFL offers the perfect solution. The C-MFL tool deploys a circumferentially oriented magnetic field and will accurately detect and size axially oriented defects, crack-type defects and defects associated with the longitudinal weld.

Tools currently available in sizes 6” up to 56”