Vision, mission and values


Contribute to a sustainable pipeline-infrastructure for energy and water.


Deliver reliable and accurate assessment of pipeline-infrastructure which allows operators to optimize maintenance and operation strategy.

When good isn’t good enough

Key performance indicators are some of the mirrors Pipesurvey International look in to see how we are doing. These audited kpi’s are First run succes rate, % of data loss on each run, Delay on mobilization, Reporting time and Incidents, accidents and spills. Doing good on these figures is not what we settle with. The results are only tools in our strife for perfection.


Pipesurvey International is a socially responsible enterprise and contributes to a cleaner, safer world where vulnerable ones will be protected, not exploited. Children, women and families should live in dignity and free from fear, violence and oppression. Pipesurvey International support non-profit organizations who are committed to these goals. We challenge our partners in business to openly speak up against abuse, human trafficking and corruption.