Pipeline integrity is a dynamic field with a continuous increase of demands, challenges and opportunities. Local and national authorities put a growing emphasis on the control of oil and gas infrastructure. From the start, Pipesurvey International has pursued innovative design and engineering to overcome hurdles for difficult to inspect pipelines. Furthermore, our company is a front runner in the sourcing and application of latest standard technologies, machine learning algorithms and material choice. We make available to the industry reliable and accurate tools. Our technicians and engineers have cummulated years of experience and understand the challenges both in the office and in the field. Our customers highly value the personal touch in the cooperation and the one-to-one short communication lines with key personnel in our operational and pipeline integrity departments.Being a relative young and medium sized company, Pipesurvey offers a quick response to your challenge and is the chosen partner for solutions development.

Available solutions from Pipesurvey International:

  • Active Speed Control
  • Multi-diameter inspection
  • Bidirectional inspection
  • Low-flow solutions
  • Spatial mapping and strain analysis
  • Small diameter pipelines
  • Low friction tools
  • Brushless design for traverse of umbilicals
  • Short radius bends
  • Illegal Hot Taps