Pipesurvey International are now an ISNet World registered vendor for easier registration wtih Global Pipeline Operators

Pipesurvey International have been audited and qualified in accordance with the EPIM vendor qualification system for easier access to the North Sea Operators

Corona virus and Oilprice collapse hitting hard. Hope for all our business partners it will pass soon and please everybody stay safe and healthy!

Join us now at the PPIM Houston!


Inspection of most challenging East Mediterranean gas pipeline completed succesfully!

Join us now at the Rio Pipeline Conference!

US operations opened: Tools and services now available from Pipesurvey USA in Texas!

New website – Pipesurvey International launched their new website. Please discover all the new technologies and services from Pipesurvey International. If you haven’t found what you are for, please use the respons form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

PPIM2019 – Pipesurvey International cordially welcome you to our booth no. 1044 on the yearly Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management event in Houston, Feb. 19th – 21st. We use this event to support our development of global activities, especially in the North America market


Hot tap inspection – Pipesurvey International have succesfully conducted an extensive run program to detect and report illegal hot taps for one major pipeline operator. The accurate technology and fast reporting play a significant role in the combat of this heavy loss of product

Large tools & small defects – Pipesurvey International have succesfully completed an inspection campaign on 48” gas pipelines which operate at velocities higher than 4 m/s. The active speed control helps regulate the tool speed and detect crucial defects in the pipe body and seem welds

Midstream oil & gas – Pipesurvey have succesfully completed inspection of multiple pipelines in the North America Midstream Oil and gas pipelines. The Midstream sector is a rapidly expanding sector with a growing demand for fast and accurate inspection and reporting.

Smaller defects – Pipesurvey have invested in the signal processing and digital imaging of small pinhole defects. Pinhole defects are difficult to size but can pose a threat to leakage and pipeline integrity.

Expansion – Pipesurvey are taking on new engineers, analysts and technicians in order to keep pace with the growing demand for services. The tool fleet is being expanded in order to manage multiple projects simultaneously and keep up with project schedules in various parts of the world


Multiple diameter 30”x 34” pigging – Pipesurvey have succesfully completed inspection of a 30”x 34” multidiameter oil pipeline in the Netherlands. The operation includes pipeline cleaning, geometry inspection and corrosion inspection

Circumferential MFL – Pipesurvey International have built their brand new C-MFL (or TFI) tools. Using new design of sensors and circumferential magnetization has revealed axially oriented corrosion and crack-type defects in steel pipelines

10.000 kilometer – Pipesurvey have passed the 10.000 km milestone of inspected pipeline. Proud to notice this record for a company that started 15 years ago with two engineers on two empty desks and and empty workshop. Completely home-grown technology and know-how that now has gained a proven track-record


32”x 24” multidiameter pigging – Pipsurvey have succesfully completed the challenging project of a 173 km multidiameter gas pipeline. The first section of 32”x 54 km leads to a 2 km section of 24” pipe river crossing section and then expands back to a 120 km section of 32”. Pipesurvey have traversed and inspected all these sections.